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Matt Viola


Born and raised in Brooklyn NY, I grew up playing games like stickball or roller hockey. Eventually, I got into BMX and skateboarding, and as a teenager I was fortunate to discover snowboarding. I fell in love the moment I made my first turn, and from then on I was hooked!

Snowboarding has brought me all around the world! I've ridden some insane mountains and I've lapped some of the smallest hills. I've ridden in deep pow, in rain, on ice, you name it. No matter where I am or how hectic the conditions may be, I love riding. I'm the guy who talks about snowboarding every chance I get. I geek out about new gear, vintage boards, and video parts. I even run my fingers along walls and handrails, making imaginary pow slashes and method airs everywhere I go.

I've met some incredible people through this crazy sport and I still get chills thinking about perfect pow turns. I scream for joy when I teach a friend how to ride and see that spark where everything just 'clicks' and they make their first turn. 

I've committed so much of my life to this sport... I plan my vacations... my budget... I sneak away for day trips... I started this company! I think about snowboarding every single day and I love every second of it!

I want to share this level of stoke and give snowboarders some options for casual gear. Clothing to let riders express their passion for snowboarding on or off the hill.

I'm lucky to know the streets and the hills. I may come from a city, but I found my passion in the mountains. Sharing that passion is what Hill Street Snowboarding is all about.

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